Best Apps & Resources For Finding Campgrounds & RV Parky, Savings & More

Best Apps & Resources For Finding Campgrounds & RV Parky, Savings & More

Are you a new RVer trying to get the most out of your vacation? Maybe you’re a seasoned pro trying to break your record number of RV trips or miles traveled in a year. Fortunately, many apps exist to help you while you travel the open road. From directions to campsite locations to restaurants–and yes, even dump stations–we have a list of apps to make your journey easier. As the saying goes, there’s an app for that!

RV Apps And Resources


What is the one thing all apps and websites have in common? They need the internet to download and–in most cases–operate. Opensignal is an app that tests your wifi, cellular, and hotspot upload and download speeds. It can also tell you where the internet signal is strong, enabling you to enjoy the outdoors while finding a good place to stay connected.

Allstays Camp & RV:

A popular choice among RV enthusiasts, Allstays is an excellent resource for an RV adventure. This app provides a detailed map of RV parks and overnight RV parking locations along the road. Additional features include seeing the overhead clearance on upcoming roadways, peer reviews of campsites, and access to directions without using the Internet. This one does come at a price; however, with options of a one-month, three-month, or year-long subscription, you can find a plan that fits your budget–and your trip.

RV Parky:

This app offers reviews and photos of campsites from fellow RVers. With this information and lists of amenities at each location, you can get a good idea of what these campgrounds and RV parks provide. Made for RVers by RVers, this app is a must-try on your next trip.


This app lets you search for campsites and add filters based on your required amenities. The ability to instantly reserve a spot makes this app a valuable asset to any RVer.

Google Maps:

We all lose our way sometimes. Google Maps can get you back on track. Besides acting as your GPS, this app can show you a satellite view of a location, making Google Maps a valuable tool in your traveler’s arsenal. Instead of just being presented with one route, you can customize your pathway and go the scenic route if desired. Options to avoid road construction and tollways are just icing on the cake with this app.


Let’s get real: gas prices will always be on our minds when driving is involved–especially when using a large form of transportation. GasBuddy can help you compare stations and find the best gas prices nearby.

Open Roads Fuel Program:

If your RV uses diesel, this may be your solution to high fuel prices. Open Roads is a program that offers discounted prices at the pump–a welcome relief to any highway traveler.

RV Dump Stations:

As the name suggests, this app will show you the locations of dump stations near you. With a map to show you the location and size of the dump station, you can be confident in your ability to get in and out with minimal hassle.


It’s important to know what the weather is like in your destination. It also matters what weather you will be driving through along the way. Accuweather is a user-friendly weather app that provides long-term forecasts for multiple locations. Allowing the app to track your location will give you crucial information if you run into severe weather along your route.

Bonus Suggestion

National Park Service:

Download the National Park Service App and take your next RV adventure to a new level. This app provides information on every park location, meaning you’ll be well-equipped to experience amazing scenery, wildlife, and adventures. The app also has a map of campgrounds, so you know where you will be staying. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, download the National Parks Trail Guide App to view maps of hiking trails in the parks. Access to an offline map makes this app a must-have for the adventurer who may not be great with directions.

With all this knowledge at your fingertips, you can confidently head out on your next big adventure!

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