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Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the second-largest city in the state and offers unique experiences, beautiful scenery, and exciting adventures. Tulsa is a highly sought-after destination for RVers, as it has a comfortable balance between exciting nightlife and a peaceful escape into the countryside. However, finding an RV park that offers more than empty lots can be challenging. 

Shawnee RV Park offers the ideal location, amenities, and affordable prices for RVers looking to create the perfect family trip. Whether you need a serene Tulsa campground or a fresh start, Shawnee RV Park has everything you need.

Shawnee RV Park Amenities

Experienced RVers know that amenities at a campground can make or break your trip. Not having all hookups or areas of necessity can create stress and last-minute difficulties when you arrive at the campsite. At Shawnee RV Park, you’ll find the perfect amenities and accommodations for your RV trip. These outstanding amenities include:

Sites that have both pull-in and pull-through ability
All hookups for 30 & 50 amps
Free WiFi with high speed capabilities
Nice, clean shower and bathroom facilities
Onsite laundry facility with top-of-the-line machines
Pet friendly
Close to the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma
Ideal atmosphere for a relaxing trip
Close to outdoor activities
Close to amazing adventures that are fun for the whole family

If you are looking for the ideal RV park during your Tulsa adventure, Shawnee RV Park has you covered. 

Explore Oklahoma City, OK

Shawnee RV Park is located near many incredible cities for those needing an Oklahoma experience. Oklahoma City provides a diverse and cultural experience for every visitor. Whether you are searching for an eccentric and exciting city, Oklahoma City is less than an hour away from our Tulsa campgrounds. There are endless experiences, restaurants, and attractions in the incredible city of Oklahoma City.

About Shawnee RV Park

At Shawnee RV Park, we aim to create new standards in the world of RV park campgrounds. Our dedicated staff works to create genuinely great experiences for every guest. It can be challenging for frequent RVers to find a campground that accommodates their needs and helps take stress and planning off their plate. 


Shawnee RV Park is more than a campground with expansive space. It’s a comfortable Tusla campground that creates a memorable and unique experience. At our campground, we aim to help you with any concern, question, or plan you need assistance with. When you visit our park, we want your experience to be stress-free and simple.

Things To Do

Tulsa, Oklahoma, has exciting adventures around every corner. Whether you are looking for outdoor exploration, exciting city activities, or a bit of southern relaxation, Tulsa is the right destination. There are so many incredible adventures in Tulsa that the list is difficult to narrow down. However, we’ve found a few of our favorites that we think you’ll enjoy, too.  

Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve

The Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve is one of the most unique and stunning experiences in the state of Oklahoma. With over 3,700 acres of wildlife preservation, a beautiful Western artifact museum, lodging options, and a delicious cafe, the Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve is the perfect day adventure for the entire family. Their website makes it easy to plan your visit, and the stunning experience will surely exceed your expectations. 

Gathering Place: Tulsa’s Riverfront Park

Gathering Place is a riverfront park that is not your average public park. The Gathering Place is an enormous and exciting park with many attractions and incredible experiences. The Gathering Place has an adventure playground, spiral connector experience, giant slides, skywalks, gardens, themed forests, and more. It’s an outstanding place to bring the whole family for a day of fun!

Philbrook Museum Of Art

The Philbrook Museum of Art is an interactive, outdoor art museum located in the heart of Tulsa. With over twenty-three stunning acres of preserved English gardens, you can stroll through time and experience nature through a unique lens. You can book your visit online and look forward to the outstanding Philbrook Museum of Art experience.

Prhyme Downtown Steakhouse

Prhyme Downtown Steakhouse is a unique experience for those who want delectable cuisine, a high-end atmosphere, or an outstanding date night. Prhyme is a modern form of a traditional steakhouse that ensures quality ingredients and naturally raised beef. Prhyme offers a unique restaurant experience, making for the perfect date night for your getaway.

Bob Dylan Center

The Bob Dylan Center is a unique exhibit in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that offers an incredible, interactive experience and covers the life and work of Bob Dylan. The center also has frequent shows and live performances covering Bob Dylan songs. The Bob Dylan Center has incredible exhibits and live performances that illuminate one of our time’s most influential artists.

Affordable Rates

Shawnee RV Park offers outstanding rates so you can relax and enjoy your stay. We also offer inclusive rates that help those looking for alternative housing a fresh start where they can begin saving money. Our Tulsa campground rates include: 

  • $45 per day 
  • $200 per week 
  • $425 per month 

Our rates make it easy to plan a trip, relocate, or create unforgettable memories with your family.

Why Visit Shawnee RV Park?

Shawnee RV Park offers an outstanding experience for both short and long-term RVers. At our camping ground, we go above and beyond to create a comfortable, enjoyable stay when on your RV vacation. Our rates offer security for those looking for alternative housing or want a stress-free trip. 

We offer amenities that make planning for your stay simple and easy. We know RVing can be a significant undertaking and want to take some pressure off the preparation. At Shawnee RV Park, we work to create a peaceful environment that offers relaxation and enjoyment for every guest. 

The Best RV Park In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Shawnee RV Park is the perfect location for RVers who want to experience Tulsa, Oklahoma. With outstanding rates, exceptional amenities, and a hard-working staff, Shawnee RV Park is the ideal place for a road trip hiatus. 


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