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Boat & RV Storage

Shawnee, OK

Storage can be a difficult thing to come by, even for those who live in a house. While we all love having fun outdoor toys like boats or RVs, one major challenge can be storing the vehicle. It often feels like there is no good place to keep them and be able to maintain their mechanics. 

Shawnee RV Park proudly offers affordable, clean storage for boats, RVs, and trailers. Our storage spaces are conveniently located close to our park and boast expansive, open lots so you can easily maintain and care for your RV.

Our Boat & RV Storage Spaces in OK

Shawnee RV Park storage provides open, spacious, clean lots for your RVs, trailers, or boats in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Our storage spaces can accommodate most sizes and offer easy access to help you clean and maintain your recreational vehicle. We understand the need for security, safety, and comfort, especially regarding recreational vehicles.

Shawnee RV Park proudly offers affordable, clean storage for boats, RVs, and trailers. Our storage spaces are conveniently located close to our park and boast expansive, open lots so you can easily maintain and care for your RV.

RV Storage

For RV storage, Shawnee, OK, Shawnee RV Park is ahead of the game. We provide extensive, open spaces near our campgrounds so you can use your RV often. We want you to feel comfortable with your storage location and provide security, protection, and visibility for every RV, boat, and trailer at our facility. 

We offer outstanding affordability so you can comfortably store your RV. For only $100 dollars a month, you can have your RV in an ideal location, near Shawnee RV Park and the quaint surrounding town. Our storage facility provides a convenient, accessible location to safely enjoy and store your RV.

Boat Storage

Our boat storage Shawnee, OK, offers the ideal location for avid boating enthusiasts. Shawnee RV Park and Storage is conveniently close to the Shawnee City Lakes for all your fishing and boating adventures. Our spaces give you open and convenient access to your boat so you can care for and manage all equipment. At Shawnee RV Park, we charge $70 per month to accommodate all boaters. 

The Shawnee City Lakes have three expansive bodies of water that offer some of the best fishing in Shawnee, Oklahoma. You can take your boat out for the day and enjoy the stunning atmosphere and tranquility of the expansive water.

Trailer Storage

For RV storage Shawnee, OK, we embrace all trailers and RVs to help accommodate your needs. Our spaces accommodate any trailer or RV and allow you to feel comfortable leaving your favorite toy in a secure location. At Shawnee RV Park, it only costs $50 per month to store your trailer in our facility. 


Most RV Parks don’t also offer storage, but we are here to make your stay as comfortable and easy as possible at Shawnee RV Park. For visitors or long-term RVers in Oklahoma City, Shawnee RV Park offers a clean, safe, and secure RV storage facility. We have the amenities of an outstanding storage facility and a stunning RV campsite. Some of these amenities include: 

Clean, large storage space 
Accommodates RVs, trailers, and boats
Onsite security 
24/7 cameras 
Affordable rates
Close to a stunning RV Park 
Helpful staff and management 
Drive-up access
Close proximity to lakes and activities


Our rates are inclusive and affordable, so you don’t have to stress over storing your boat or RV. We understand that not everyone has the space to keep their recreational vehicle, but spending a large amount of money a month on storage isn’t ideal either. Our RV and boat storage rates include: 

  • RVs: $100 per month 
  • Boats: $70 per month 
  • Trailers: $50 per month

These outstanding rates can help you save space and money when it comes to your RV. Boat storage, Shawnee, OK, is made easy at our site. With an incredible location, outstanding security, and helpful staff, you can relocate your RV, boat, or trailer with peace of mind. 

Trailer Storage

We take your RV storage, Shawnee, OK, seriously. Shawnee RV Park understands the necessary safety measures when storing expensive items like RVs and boats. Your property is our top priority, so we have onsite security and 24/7 surveillance for every RV, boat, or trailer. You can rest assured that we always have eyes on your property and will keep it secure. Your trust means the world to us, and we go above and beyond to take care of your recreational vehicle.

Our Location

We established our storage facility with convenience in mind. RV storage, Shawnee, OK, is conveniently located near an RV park and lakes so you can have your vehicle near easily accessible areas. We understand the fear of storing your RV. Most believe they will need more use of their boat or RV once they find a storage facility. With our incredible location, you can get the most use out of your RV while keeping it safe year-round.

Our Staff

At Shawnee RV Park Storage, we have an incredible and helpful staff that can assist you with any question, concern, or need. We are proud of our dedicated management team that doesn’t just sit idly by but is hands-on and dedicated to providing a clean, safe, and amazing storage facility.

Our Promise

Our promise to every RV storage, Shawnee, OK, customer is to help you safely store your recreational vehicle for as long as you need. We understand the importance of keeping your vehicle safe and watched so you can relax and enjoy your time RVing, boating, or camping. We have incredible security, a convenient location, 24-hour surveillance, and spacious lots. There is no better place to store your RV or boat than at Shawnee RV Park Storage.

The Leading RV & Boat Storage In Shawnee, Oklahoma

While owning an RV, boat, or trailer is a beautiful start to many adventures, it can be stressful when it comes to upkeep and storage. At our RV storage, Shawnee, OK, we offer outstanding rates, high security, and outstanding service for every customer. We aim to help you find safe, affordable, and clean storage for your RV or boat. We offer the leading RV, boat, and trailer storage in Shawnee, Oklahoma.


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