Things To Do In SHAWNEE,OK

There are many things to do in the eclectic town of Shawnee, so there’s no need to rush through the list. Look around, explore our site, and reach out if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you sometime soon!

 A taste of the home-grown life

Discover Oklahoma’s Hidden Gem

In Shawnee, Oklahoma, there are many rich cultural avenues to venture down, and one can easily fall in love with the stunning downtown. Although it lies only thirty-five miles east of Oklahoma City, Shawnee holds unique adventures if you know where to find them. Boasting a mix of modern beauty with the feel of the old west, Shawnee is the perfect town to stop for a weekend or even call home.

Things To-Do

Shawnee Twin Lakes

16 min away

For those looking for a relaxing lake adventure, Shawnee Twin Lakes lies sixteen minutes west of Shawnee RV Park. The twin lakes hold two separate parks perfect for picnicking or playing, swimming in Lake One, and boating adventures on both! There is no shortage of fishing,  boating, and fun at the Shawnee Twin Lakes.

Downtown Shawnee

17 min away

Downtown Shawnee, Oklahoma, may surprise you with its diverse cultural activities, shops, and eateries. With incredible live shows and music venues, family-friendly adventures, and historical museums, there is a little something for everyone. Stroll through history, relax in an old west saloon, or shop at the quaint vintage boutiques and find a little treasure to take with you.

Brickhouse Saloon

16 min away

With live music and classic saloons in mind, the Brickhouse saloon, nestled in the heart of downtown Shawnee, is the perfect place to relax and listen to incredible tunes. Brickhouse hosts country and rock artists year-round and even has the occasional comedy show for those who want to sip a drink and laugh a lot. The three-story brick saloon has a historic feel and lively atmosphere for an incredible night on the town.

St. Gregory’s Abbey

14 min away

St. Gregory’s Abbey is a Roman Catholic Abbey founded in 1876. Although it’s still used for meditation, prayer, and church functions, visitors can schedule a guided tour of the stunning historical abbey. St. Gregory’s holds a little-known garden, a labyrinth of trees, vines, and flowers. It’s a beautiful escape through stunning nature and historical architecture.

House Of Hints Escape Room

16 min away

If you’re looking for a unique family quest, the House of Hints Escape Room is the perfect place. With mysterious rooms of magic, bank heists, pirates, and laboratories, you can select the difficulty and work together to solve the puzzle! Every room is interactive and fun for a date night or family outing!

Mabee-Gerrer Museum Of Art

16 min away

The Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art boasts an expansive collection of stunning works and artifacts from many centuries. This art museum is a must-see from the Middle Ages to Ancient Rome, Egyptian and Native American history. Visitors can walk through the labyrinth of historical art, view limited-time exhibits, and even take cultural classes on the wide variety of history! 

Grab a Bite

Van’s Pig Stands

13 min away

Van’s Pig Stands has been slow-cooking traditional BBQ since 1930. This stop-in eatery has homecooked, southern BBQ that everyone will enjoy. Stop in after a day on the lake or a fun adventure on the town for a delicious taste of southern cooking.

Theopolis Social Club

16 min away

Located just eight miles north of Shawnee RV Park, the Theopolis Social Club is a scratch kitchen eatery in the historic district of downtown Shawnee. With craft cocktails, live music, and an exquisite menu, there is something delicious and fun for the whole family!

Surrounding Cities

Oklahoma City

41 min away

For those staying at Shawnee RV Park who desire a big-city adventure, Oklahoma City lies less than an hour west of your campground. As the largest city in Oklahoma, there is no shortage of attractions for you and your loved ones. Visit incredible museums and an expansive zoo, or explore the diverse downtown!

Norman, Oklahoma

48 min away

Norman, Oklahoma, is the third largest city in the state and offers an expansive historic and modern feel. Filled with stunning parks, serene wineries, and incredible museums, Norman is the perfect city to get lost in for a day.


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