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The Best RV Park In Shawnee, Oklahoma

RVing In Shawnee, Oklahoma

Designed with comfort and accessibility, Shawnee RV Park offers the top rates, amenities and atmosphere for every family looking for the perfect getaway. Our park works with every kind of motorhome, trailer, RV, and big rig. We offer incredible amenities, a stunning atmosphere, and affordable rates to ensure your stay is one to remember.

One of our frequent visitors explains why she can’t get enough of Shawnee RV Park:

Erica Harverstien

I spend so much time in the office and need a quiet place to reconnect with life. I never thought I would become an RVer, but when I went on a family trip to Shawnee RV Park, I knew this was what I was looking for. Now, I book a stay as often as possible and get away for a weekend.

Shawnee RV Park has given me incredible experiences, with the eccentric and quaint town and the stunning trails right outside. The amenities here always make my trips stress-free, and I’ve even gotten to know some of the kind and helpful staff. I genuinely feel as though I have a place to relax and have been able to appreciate small moments in life again!” 

Campland Amenities

Free Wifi
Laundry facilities
Nearby hiking trails
Pet friendly
Nearby wildlife and parks
Good nearby dining
Picnic Tables
Trash Dumpster
Activities for kids
Proximity to interesting attractions
Quite country atmosphere
Enforced noise rules
Enforced cleanup of dog waste
No vicious dogs
Wide & level parking


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