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Planning a trip to Oklahoma is a great way to experience a land that has much more than meets the eye. In Norman, Oklahoma, you’ll find a unique adventure around every corner. With an incredible community, beautiful sites, and exciting exhibits, Norman is the perfect place for a true Oklahoma experience. 

RVing is the best way to travel at your own pace and remove the constraints of hotels, flying, and timelines. However, finding the right RV park is key when planning a road trip adventure. When you plan your stay at Shawnee RV Park, you can expect the best camping grounds for your Norman adventure.  With incredible amenities, helpful staff, and the perfect location, Shawnee RV Park is the best camping ground in Norman. 

What We Offer

At our Norman campground, we work to create the perfect place for your unique RV vacation. Here, we don’t just provide the basic amenities for a sparse campground. Instead, we work to create a genuine experience that makes your vacation easy, peaceful, and stress-free. We want your RV vacation to be all that it should be, and Shawnee OK RV Park is the perfect place for that. Our amenities set us apart as one of the best Norman campgrounds around. Our amenities include:

Pull in & pull through sites
All hookups for 30 & 50 amp
Clean bathrooms & showers
Free high speed Wi-Fi
Laundry facility with top-of-the-line machines
Pet friendly
Near a pond for fishing
Close to beautiful hiking trails
Near the unique and beautiful city of Norman, OK

These are just some of the incredible amenities you can expect when you visit our camping ground near Norman.

Visit Tulsa, Oklahoma

If a larger adventure is what you’re after, a quick day trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma, is exactly what you need. Tulsa is a vast, expansive city filled with vibrant culture, beautiful exploration, and stunning views. You can stroll through the incredible city, venture into the beautiful parks, or find serenity on the nearby lakes. No matter what you’re looking for, Tulsa is a great place for grand adventure and beautiful escape. There is a little something for everyone: the unique city of Tulsa.

Things To Do

When you visit Norman, there’s no limit to entertainment and new experiences to explore. There are so many unique places to explore, and we think you’ll love every moment of your time in Tulsa. Whether you are looking to uncover a new city, explore beautiful nature, or create beautiful memories, Norman has a little something for everyone. Below, we’ve put together a list of things to do so you have a great place to start.

Downtown Norman

Downtown Norman is a great place to begin your RV vacation. With incredible shops, attractions, and restaurants, Downtown Norman is the perfect place to relax, explore, and find incredible experiences. There are many areas to uncover when you visit this charming downtown, and we know you’ll find the perfect avenues to explore.

Lake Thunderbird State Park

Lake Thunderbird State Park is an outdoor adventure unlike any other. This gorgeous park has incredible activities that are fun for the whole family. You can explore the surrounding hiking trails, escape on the water, or participate in their yearly events. You can also camp out, go boating, or even reserve a spot during hunting season.

BLU Fine Wine & Food

BLU Fine Wine & Food is the perfect place for a beautiful date night. BLU offers an incredible wine selection and Tappas bar so you can enjoy delicious cuisine in a stunning atmosphere. This restaurant offers beautiful ambiance, an incredible menu, and a full bar. At BLU Fine Wine & Food, you’ll find the perfect date night for your RV vacation.

Brookhaven Village

Brookhaven Village is the perfect place for those who are looking for a unique shopping experience. Here, you’ll find coffee shops, day spas, and unique shops to peruse. You will find home goods, clothing boutiques, and even art galleries. Brookhaven Village is the perfect place to find a true Oklahoma shopping experience.

Andrew’s Park

Andrew’s Park is a serene escape into nature. You can stroll through the stunning trails, take advantage of the fun playground, or relax in the outdoors. Andrew’s Park is the perfect place for a fun family outing, and it’s sure to leave you and your loved ones feeling refreshed.

At Shawnee OK RV Park, we prioritize providing an incredible campground and sustainable rates so you can plan a getaway without worry. We understand that getting away from daily life can be necessary, but the cost can make it another source of stress. We want you to be able to find a peaceful vacation without breaking the bank.

Additionally, we want to help long-term RVers find a perfect place to call home. Our Norman campground is the perfect place to save money, live a quieter lifestyle, and eliminate unnecessary stress. At our park, you can expect rates that allow you to save money and amenities that make our campground feel like home. Our rates include:  

Per Daily : $45
Per Weekly : $200 
Per Monthly : $425

We hope these rates help you plan an incredible vacation or live a unique lifestyle that helps you create the perfect home. No matter what you need, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Why Visit Shawnee OK RV Park?

When you visit our Norman campground, you can expect the perfect place to find adventure or settle down. Here, we do things a little differently than your standard RV campground. We work to create an incredible atmosphere, provide help wherever we can, and create a sustainable life. No matter what you need, we want to help you find the perfect place for your RV adventure in Norman.

Your RV Adventure In Norman, Oklahoma

When you stay with us, you can expect the best that an RV campground has to offer. With the perfect location, incredible amenities, and outstanding service, your Norman RV vacation will be one for the record books. We want you to always feel comfortable, happy, and excited at Shawnee RV Park.


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